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 Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Why is that the converted video has no sound (or no video) when playing with Windows Media Player?

Firstly, ensure that during conversion, the sound setting is enabled. Other reasons could be either the Windows Media Player is outdated (old version doesn't support the new audio format), or the computer is missing an essential sound(or visual) codec.

If you drag and drop the converted video into ZillaTube, the video will be played perfectly with both video and sound, as ZillaTube is built-in with the necessary codecs.

If your Windows Media Player doesn't perform that way, please get the latest codecs from:


After downloading and installing the codecs, your Windows Media Player would then be able to produce the sound/visual associated with the video.

Right after purchasing, how would I receive the registered version of ZillaTube software?


After you've made a purchase for ZillaTube, you'll see a purchase confirmation notice immediately. And within 24 hours, or 1 working day, you'll receive an email to retrieve an unlock-code to register ZillaTube for continuous usage. Delivery of the software is via instant electronic download.

If you don't see this e-mail in your inbox, please check the spam mail folder as it may have been mistakenly flagged as spam and placed there.

**Also, ensure you've given us the correct email address so that we can send you the product unlock code. In rare cases, some hotmail or msn emails may not work. Do provide us an extra(different) email address when contacting us if your unlock code has still not arrived in your inbox.

If you've have any further enquiries, please (click here to email us).